Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Randy Daudlin is being spotlighted by PnPAuthors Promotions: Author Randy in the spotlight

Randy Daudlin is being spotlighted by PnPAuthors Promotions: Author Randy in the spotlight: http://pnpauthorspattimariandpeter.ning.com/?xgi=4PBOwIJg1TDMx7   PnPAuthors Promotions     ___________________________________...

Author Randy in the spotlight

PnPAuthors Promotions
Author Randy Daudlin
It is PnPAuthors greatest pleasure to introduce Randy and his book to our large audience, sending him all around the world on a tour to feature him and his book.
Randy Daudlin is a professional make-up artist who worked in the film and television industry for over 30 years.
His life isn't what you would call run of the mill. He splits his time between the big city of Toronto and the small town of Markdale, nearly tow hours away, where he have a 100 acre farm with his wife, Barbara.
He specializes in make-up effects so he has spend most of his time beating, burning or giving people exotic diseases. Then there is the gambit of characters from aliens, to zombies, vampires, ogres and whatever else you can conjure in your mind. Suffice to say there is no shortage of food for Randy's imagination.

His novel is titled "Blood Promise" it's his version of the  vampire lore. The story revolves around Reg Martin, a damaged cop assigned to investigate the death of an undercover Mountie. The case is a deal breaker and could save or end more than just his career. Unable to hide behind a bottle he has to face his demons once and for all and accept vampires are real and living amongst us. In the end he has to befriend one if he hopes to survive a war with a vampire queen and her bloodthirsty followers.  If you like the more classic approach mixed with a little science to explain the unexplainable then you will enjoy this tale.

Love, betrayal, redemption - "Blood Promise" is an adult story, graphic and unsettling. A hell of a read, building with intensity from the beginning to the end. For a promise in blood is a promise forever.

BLOOD PROMISE www.twogruesomepublishing.com
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